Cynthia’s credits include working with some heavy hitters including Robert Altman, Quincy Jones, Marc Forster, Brad Silberling, Peter Berg, Jan Roelfs, Neil Spisak amongst others. Becoming an art director, having previously produced commercials, music videos, and features, she skillfully can walk the tightrope between creating beautiful films and staying on budget.

In Detroit, she attended Cass Tech where she studied art & photography.
Taking a gap year in Spain, she worked in Barcelona & Cadaques, then settled in Los Angeles attending L.A. City College in the film program. She went into production working her way up from PA, to producing, after a two-year stint at N. Lee Lacy in the music video division.

Always happiest as an artist, she found her home in the art department.
Cynthia shines as a Production Designer, implementing the directors’ vision, and working seamlessly with the other departments to create environments that tell a unique story.

She resides in Venice California with her husband and daughter.